There is nothing more delightful than to be given the best table at a destination restaurant within a garden paradise. Such is always the case when dining at Espacio Verde, where every table opens to a view of lush greens, clear skies and flowing water from a serene lagoon.

Ten minutes away from downtown, Espacio Verde is a sanctuary for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. The resort opens up to various locations catering to a wide range of activities for everyone.


Roxas City formerly know as "Capiz", is located at the northeastern tip of Panay Island of the Western Visayas Region. This city is named after its illustrious son, President Manuel Acuña Roxas, the first president of the Third Philippine Republic and the last president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. Roxas City is the provincial capital of Capiz. This city is endowed with a variety of products both agricultural and marine, and can be easily reached by any means of transportation. By land, it is 136 kilometers from Iloilo and 86 kilometers east of Kalibo.


Only 3 kilometers away from downtown Roxas City, Espacio Verde, located in Dayao, is the perfect getaway for a day of rest and recreation. Nestled within a five-acre stretch of land, water and sky, the resort owes its beginnings to one family's love for nature and celebration.

In its earliest days, the land which also included fish ponds, served as a chicken farm to the del Rosario family. Even then, the place was already teeming with tall trees and colorful flowers. Because of the family's love for fine cuisine and celebrations with relatives and friends, they decided to build the main hall in the year 2001 to house family gatherings.